Are you ready for the KSI Cup?

It's almost time for the weekend of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team action to begin!We've had a phenomenal amount of interest in the KSI Cup Weekend, with over 3,300 players signing up across the two cups to try and decimate, humiliate and obliterate the other challengers as they try to win a share of the £1000 at stake.

To make sure you're all up to speed regarding how the two tournaments will function over the course of the weekend, we've put together a handy info guide below that should answer any questions you might have!Good luck to all competitors and may the best player win.

Round Times and datesFriday 7th Start time 7PM GMT<span style="color: #000000;"> <br /></span>Round 1 and 2 to be played

Saturday 8th Start time 12PM GMTRound 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 to be played

Sunday 9th Start time 12pm GMTRound 8, 9, 10 & Final to be playedBracketThe bracket for each cup can be accessed via the links below:Xbox OnePlayStation 4

Check-InCheck-ins have been disabled for tonight's cup. You DO NOT need to check in for either tournament.GeneralNo-Shows:A team has 15 minutes to show up before a no show can be claimed.Abuse: Racism and abuse are not tolerated. If found to be doing so with proof you will be punished immediately.Match Disputes/Support:If you require an admin to help you resolve a match dispute or for any other reason reach them via the Chatroom (more info below)Connection Issues:If you are having problems connecting to your opponent you must contact an admin ASAP. If neither player contacts an admin both players risk being disqualified from the cup.RulesThe full ruleset for each cup can be found here:Xbox OnePlayStation 4Contacting a member of the Admin/Support teamAdmins will be available throughout the entire duration of the tournament in the FIFA Xbox Cup Chatroom / FIFA PS4 Cup Chatroom.This can be accessed in the bottom left corner of any page on the website by clicking the 'Chatrooms' button.If you cannot the see the 'Chatrooms' button, please ensure your 'Chat' option is enabled. You can enable this by clicking the Chat icon in the bottom right corner of any page on the site.Reporting ResultsWhen the match has been completed, you must report your score yourself and not spam the chat room. To report your score, click ‘Menu’ then click ‘My Results’. Your game will appear 15 minutes after the scheduled time at which you can report the score.


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