A Huge Gorilla wins Play Like A Legend Grand Finals!

After an intense weekend, packed with 16 of the world’s best FIFA 15 players, Spencer ‘A Huge Gorilla’ Ealing has emerged victorious as the Ultimate Play Like A Legend Champion!

16 players, 3 Play Like A Legend champions and 1 FIFA Interactive World Cup title-holder participated within the Play Like A Legend Grand Finals, held at the Gfinity Arena.

However, despite the vast amount of talent in attendance, it was the young home-grown star, Spencer Ealing, who outshone everyone, as he cemented himself as the world’s best FIFA 15 Ultimate Team player.

As expected, A Huge Gorilla stormed into the semi-finals of the competition, following a string of confident performances. Here, he met his toughest opposition, Epsilon Rocky, who almost mounted a monumental comeback.

Thankfully, Spencer was able to maintain his composure and see himself into the Play Like A Legend Grand Finals, where he would face off against fierce competitor Vitality Brian.

Two Champions. One Winner. It was the dream final – one we expected to be closely contested. Oh, how wrong we were!

In true dominating fashion, Spencer swept Brian aside, as he ruthlessly defeated the Frenchmen 6-0 across two legs.

With a second Play Like A Legend victory under his belt and a substantial $7,000 in his pocket, Spencer ends FIFA 15 as the most successful and talented player to have graced the title.

Within his rookie year alone, Spencer has stunned the FIFA community, leaving his mark wherever he goes. As FIFA 16 draws nearer, one can only imagine what’s in store for the young FIFA prodigy.

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