Ubisoft Quietly Releases Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition

Ubisoft shadow dropped Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition with little fanfare and no concrete release date. The Far Cry publisher mentioned it would release in December, but never said exactly when. Well, we know when now - it's now.

The new edition of the DLC is available on the PlayStation and Xbox Game Stores for $14.99. It will also be available via the Far Cry 6 season pass. The Blood Dragon DLC features Terminator actor Michael Biehn as the game's protagonist, playing the role of Sergeant Rex ‘Power’ Colt.

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Ubisoft Releases Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition

Here is the official preview of the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition:

"Experience the critically acclaimed (and fan-favorite) cyber shooter, FAR CRY® 3: Blood Dragon – now on the newest generations of platforms. As Sergeant Rex Colt, you are part man, part machine, All-American. Your mission? Bring down your old commanding officer and his battalion of ruthless killer cyborgs. Stop at nothing to get the job done."

As for Far Cry 6, Ubisoft released a new update on December 15 with fixes to some minor issues and a new mission.

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