How Long Does Fallout 76 Maintenance Last?

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SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 UPDATE - As per Bethesda Support, Fallout 76 has been taken offline across all platforms. Maintenance started at 9:00 a.m. ET (13:00 UTC) in order to perform maintenance and release the Fallout Worlds Update. Please keep an eye here for further updates and information. This is to prepare for the release of Fallout 76 Season 6: The Unstoppables. Follow the link if you want to know more.

Original Story - Since your visiting this page we're going to take a wild stab and guess that Fallout 76 servers are currently offline.


We're willing to bet that this is because Bethesda has taken the game offline for scheduled maintenance.

The fact is that Fallout 76 is as an online-only game and when Fallout 76 servers go down for maintenance, the whole game is unplayable. A pain, but that's just how it works.

Typically this leads to people frantically wondering how long the servers will be down and when the game will be back online.

Well, whilst we doubt you're going to like the answers, we'll provide some for you anyway.

How long will Fallout 76 servers be down?

Like most developers, when Fallout 76 does go offline for maintenance, it's normally offline for a good few hours.


Typically this is so they can apply the latest update to the game. Sometimes it's a small update, other times it's a bigger seasonal update.

Regardless Bethesda normally work as fast as they can to get the game back online, but it's by no means a quick process.

Based on past experience we've normally come to expect that any maintenance will last between 4-5 hours.

On very rare occasions we've seen the game stay offline for longer, but this isn't common.

When will Fallout 76 be back online?

Without sounding harsh, Fallout 76 servers will be back online when Bethesda has successfully rolled out the next update to the game.

Only then will maintenance be concluded and the game turned back on for players to enjoy.


Normally you can check on the website for more information during any maintenance period.

You may also find that even when servers are switched back on, that there is a queue to get back into the game.