Fallout 76 power armor station plans: Quest, location, and how to build a power armor station in your camp

Once you’ve got yourself a nice suit of power armor, you’ve built a nice fancy camp you’re thrilled to call home, and you’re thinking of what to build next, you’ll inevitably realize that a power-armor station would be handy to have close by.

Normally, power-armor stations — used for repairing, repainting, and upgrading your armor — can be found here and there throughout the open world. And those are free and safe to use at any time. But having one in your camp is simply cool. It’s handy. It’s another thing to show off to your friends.

So where do you get one? Well, you craft it using your camp’s built-in workshop functionality. But you’ll need the “power armor stations” plan to do so.

The most common way of obtaining the plans is to complete a side quest called “Miner Miracles.” To beat it with minimal trouble, you probably want to be about level 25 or higher.

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According to the Fallout wiki, you should head to the parking lot of Garrahan Mining Headquarters and investigate the “Garrahan excavator” poster. This will trigger a miscellaneous objective for your Pip-Boy’s quest log.

Enter the building and access the terminal at the receptionist’s desk, read the entry “Memo: Excavator Queries,” and progress through the rest of the quest to unlock the plans.

If you’re just looking to buy the plans, you can get them from vendor bot Phoenix at Watoga Shopping Plaza, from the MODUS production terminal in the Whitespring bunker (fairly “late” in the game), or from the Brotherhood vendor at the Whitespring Resort.

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