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Fallout 76 Nuke Codes This Week: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie Silo Codes

Wasteland wanderers are once again on the hunt for Nuke codes across Appalachia, with a fresh batch available between September 17 to September 24.

If you're new to the game and yet to experience the thrill of launching weapons of mass destruction it's quite a sight to behold.

Even if you don't launch the nuke yourself, someone on your server might, creating huge blast zones that are radiated for up to four real-world hours in the game.


These nuclear blast zones can be fantastic for picking up top-tier loot, but they're also rather challenging. The equivalent of end-game content stacked numerous high-level irradiated monsters.

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So you'll want to make sure you're suitably levelled up and tooled to meet the challenge.

How To Launch Nukes In Fallout 76?

Unsurprisingly it's not easy launching a nuclear warhead, even in video games.

In Fallout 76 there's a series of steps you must first complete before you're given the power to press that big red button of doom.

We've tried to condense this into the main steps just below, but if this is your first time, you might want to dig out a more indepth guide if you're starting from scratch.

  1. Join the Enclave faction.
  2. Complete the following missions: 'Back to Basic' and 'Officer on Deck'
  3. Access Whitespring Bunker to get the 'I Am Become Death' mission. This also marks new locations of interest on your map, needed to launch the nuke
  4. Next retrieve a Nuclear Keycard from shooting a Cargobot (Note: they're protected by Vertibots)
  5. Find eight nuclear codes scattered across the map. You normally find them from killing Scorched or Feral Ghoul officers.
  6. Decrypt the nuclear code fragments to arm the Nuclear Keycard
  7. Clear out the nuclear silo and then use the Nuke terminal
  8. Select your desired location for where you want to detonate the nuke
  9. Equip your Hazmat Suit, Gas Mask or Power Armor to stop radiation poisoning
  10. Explore your nuke blast zone and be prepared to face higher-difficulty enemies

It's also worth noting that should you detonate a nuke at a Fissure Site, it will also create a Scorched Earth event; this is where you can fight a Scorchbeast queen.

Such is the difficulty of this event that it is recommended that you use a high-level character and in a group of eight or more players. Good Luck!

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Fallout Nuke Codes This Week (September 9 to 16)

If you don't fancy hunting for all the codes you can also use the community-created website NukaCrypt, who decrypt new codes every week so you don't have to.

The Nuke Codes for this week (September 17-24) can be found below:

  • Alpha: 24040350
  • Bravo: 48194248
  • Charlie: 07822996

The Current Nuke Codes Expire In


As mentioned, these codes only last for one week and will be replaced when they next reset on 24 September 2021 at 7pm CT, which is normally 1am BST (September 25). We've added a countdown timer (above) to show when these Nuke Codes expire. We will update this article again when new Fallout 76 Nuke Codes become available. Have fun!

Fallout 76 Silo Locations

Feel free to use the interactive Fallout 76 map just below to help you find Silo Site Alpha, Silo Site Bravo and Silo Site Charlie: