Fallout 76: NPCs Looting Players After They Die

It's no secret that the Wastelanders expansion has improved Fallout 76 exponentially.

The addition of NPCs may have made the game FINALLY feel like a Fallout title, but, these non-playable scamps are running around causing mischief. 

It may be a welcomed sight for players, to see fresh NPC faces flooding the wasteland in Fallout 76.


Friendly as they are, however, some of these new NPCs have been displaying a habit for thievery.

Players have been reporting occurrences that, during events, NPCs have been outright stealing from them.

A player would be killed during an event and then, after returning, they'd find their most valuable weapon (along with all of its ammo) has been pilfered by an otherwise friendly NPC.

The fact that other players in the game can't even do this makes it even more infuriating (and a little funny) for the victims.

It can be seen below in YouTuber Dani Garcia's video 

Bethesda has said that it is currently investigating the issue, so it may be a wise idea to either avoid these events for the time being, or leave your best weapons behind.

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