Fallout 76 Inventory Update Details

Bethesda is bringing even more quality of life updates to Fallout 76, and the next one will change up Inventory.

The so-called ‘Inventory Update’ has just hit test servers and we’re here to explain it all!

Keep reading if you want our breakdown of all the changes you need to get excited for.

What Is The Inventory Update?

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The Fallout 76 Update is on its way! (Image: Bethesda)

On the official Fallout page, Bethesda revealed details about the Inventory Update which include:

  • Stash Increase to 1,200 pounds
  • Armor and Food/Drink tabs added to the Pip-Boy
  • Display total weight of stacked items in the Inventory

The team also plan a bunch of other minor updates too!

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We don’t know exactly when the update will hit the full game but Bethesda do give a ‘end of January’ release frame.

Thankfully this is only a couple of weeks so we don’t have long to wait!

If you are desperate to try it now, you can head into the Public Test Servers now on PC by downloading it through the Bethesda launcher.

The PTS is free to all owners of Fallout 76 on PC!

If you try it out, be sure to use the PTS forum to give the developers updates and let them know of any bugs you find.

Have fun out there Wasteland Wanderers!

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