Fallout 76 Blood Eagle Locations: Where To Find The Hostile Faction

Fallout 76's next update 'Steel Dawn' was the last massive update the latest Bethesda title.

While the game had a rocky release, players are still jumping into the wasteland for the first time over the holiday season. 

With the introduction of Fallout's most legendary military order, it's an exciting time to jump into the multiplayer RPG game.

One aspect of the game players will encounter is evil factions throughout the map.

These hostile forces will not be the nicest to meet, and one of these groups is called the Blood Eagles.

Here is where you will find them within 76! 



Players will actually encounter this group during a set of missions within Fallout 76.

First, players will first spot the Blood Eagles throughout the Appalachia region of the map, as this group was first introduced during the Wastelanders Update.

Players will be able to spot the Blood Eagles within the Rollins Labor Camp.

As well, they can be spotted directly south of this camp; and this group is one of the easiest to spot within the game. 

They are often wearing some sort of red attire, hence the name Blood Eagle.

Furthermore, the random Blood Eagle camp may be spotted throughout your Fallout 76 journey.

So, be sure to let us know where you have found some of these Blood Eagles! 


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