Fall Guys Latest Crossover Introduces Disney's Jungle Book

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Fall Guys has some interesting crossovers coming up. While several PlayStation icons like Sackboy and Astro Bot are rumoured - Ratchet & Clank have since appeared - few could've expected a 1967 Disney movie was next, but that's exactly what we're getting.

Announced at Gamescom: Opening Night Live last night, Mediatonic revealed The Jungle Book's next to receive in-game outfits, tying into Season 5's jungle adventure theme. Beginning on September 3rd, these characters will be rolled out one by one, ending on September 12th.

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Fall Guys Latest Crossover Introduces Disney's Jungle Book

Mowgli's first from September 3rd-6th, Shere Khan's next from the 7th-9th and Baloo's turn rolls around from 10th-12th. King Louie's also here, though his costume's obtained through an in-game event, much like Ratchet, Clank, and the recent Golden Hotdog. That'll involve completing various objectives, unlocking other King Louie cosmetics like patterns, a nameplate and emotes.


King Louie's limited time event takes place between September 3rd-12th, and if you're looking for more information, Mediatonic's outlined his full unlockables. It's not the crossover we expected, but we've seen stranger. Season 5's not over yet, so we'll keep you updated when we find out more.