Fall Guys: 'Big Yeetus And Anti-Cheatus' Mid Season Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Fall Guys, Mediatonic's battle royale phenomenon, continues to go from strength to strength as we approach Season 2.

But before then, we've got a fresh patch aimed at adding new content as well as taking aim at cheaters.

Here's everything we know about the "Big Yeetus And Anti-Cheatus" update, due to launch today.


Fall Guys: Patch 1.07 Notes

Here are the patch notes, as per the game's Twitter page:

  • [PC] Our new anti-cheating system for PC is now in!
  • [PC] Added ability to bind game actions to mouse buttons
  • [PS4] Improved stability when creating parties on PS4
  • Objects in certain rounds will now have dynamic variations from one playthrough to the next, including new objects entirely. We plan to expand this system in the future to more rounds. [B I G Y E E T U S]
  • Improved stability when progressing from one round to another, there should be less disconnections in the qualification screen and round loading now. Bug fixes in levels, spectator mode and improved resilience when network errors occur.
  • Fall Ball timer down to 120 seconds from 150 Lowered Min Player Counts for some levels to increase round variety


As detailed in a new PlayStation Blog post, there's more chaos coming to Fall Guys.

"With this latest patch, you will quickly start to see that all is not what it seems in The Blunderdome. Familiar favourites will have to be tackled in all new ways, with the addition of dozens of obstacles, dizzyingly random rotations and of course, plenty of tumbling fruit," the post reads.

"And what’s more, players will have no idea when these changes will occur — no bean’s dignity shall be spared!"

"Reliable door patterns on Gate Crash may end up all kinds of wavey. Turntables could turn the tide in an unpredictable take on Fall Ball."

"And just when you thought you’d got a handle on the topsy-turvy See-Saw? We’ll just say that your approach may need to be tweaked! Remember the turnstiles you had to jostle and bump your way through in Hit Parade. Well, things may take a turn for the precarious with a nest chock-full of mini Whirlygig spinning clubs."

There are performance updates coming too, to enhance server stability, but the big addition is "Big Yeetus".

"There have been plenty of rumblings across the community about a certain large and rather aggressive hammer obstacle, rumoured to be bringing future physics wildness to Fall Guys," the blog post explains.

"Well, we can’t be sharing all the details just yet but let us just say — their name is Big Yeetus and they’re a-coming!"

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