Jez Corden Says Fable Development Is “Going Fine” Despite Conflicting Speculation

A promo screenshot for Fable: Anniversary.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Since its announcement in 2020, the upcoming Fable game in development at Forza Horizon 5 studio Playground Games has endured a myriad of speculation, both positive and negative.

The negative conjecture has been particularly concerning to prospective players online, many of whom fear not getting the game they want when it finally releases.

That said, the most recent report regarding the game might allay those concerns somewhat, with Windows Central editor Jez Corden having suggested that the game’s development is still going to plan.

Upcoming Fable Game Might Be Doing Okay

Speaking on the latest episode of the Xbox Two podcast, which he co-hosts with YouTuber Rand al Thor 19, Corden responded to a question about Fable’s development by saying: “I’ve heard it’s going fine.”

He moved on to discuss some of the supposed problems around scoping that have been rumoured to be affecting Fable, which were alluded to during a recent episode of the Xbox News Cast, saying: “It’s funny because I was in a gameplay preview this week where the developer was literally talking about how the game kept getting delayed because they couldn’t stop adding features.”

Acknowledging that this attitude can develop into an issue and lead to delays if left unchecked, Corden suggested that players shouldn’t be “alarmed” by rumours of Fable possibly going in the opposite direction and being scaled down a bit, saying: “scoping isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means the game will be more focused.”

He also added: “sometimes less is more”, before suggesting that the reaction from players to recent tweets about scoping by Amie Loake, one of the game’s Senior Producers, had been a tad overblown.

In the tweet, Loake attempted to dissuade concerns about the game supposedly being scaled down, saying: “I can guarantee that every single AAA game you've ever played will have gone through scoping regularly during development” and also explaining: “its intention is to make sure the team are focused under one clear vision and can get it made in the time they have without killing themselves.”

Despite this, it seems as though players will continue to worry about Fable’s status until they finally get their hands on the game and see it for themselves.

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