F1 2021 Game: Release Date, News, Trailer, Icons, Gameplay, My Team, Career Mode, F2, & Everything You Need To Know

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The 2021 Formula One season is underway!

While we are still having a lot of fun in F1 2020, we can’t wait for Codemasters to drop F1 2021.


What could the new game have in store for us?

F1 2021 review

Our friends over at RacingGames.GG have got their hands of F1 2021 and put it through its paces. How does it stack up?

Read the full review here!

Features Trailer

As we get closer to the July release of F1 2021, Codemasters has released a trailer detailing some of the features that will feature in the new game.

Check out the trailer below!


F1 2021 Icons revealed

Players that order the Deluxe Edition will get access to seven historic drivers in My Team. Those Icons have now been revealed!

The seven drivers are:

  • Michael Schumacher
  • Ayrton Senna
  • Alain Prost
  • Jenson Button
  • Nico Rosberg
  • David Coulthard
  • Felipe Massa

F1 2021 Release Date


Codemasters has confirmed that F1 2021 will be releasing on July 16th.

After dealing with all of 2020’s issues and a delayed F1 season superbly, Codemasters shouldn’t have any problem getting F1 2021 ready for the release date.

Players can also expect a Deluxe Edition with a few days early access to be on offer.

My Team

The introduction of the driver/team owner mode revolutionised F1 2020, but what could Codemasters have in store for year 2 of the mode?

Fans have been clamouring for an improved livery editor which we are certainly hoping for too. We would also love to see team personnel like a Chief Technical Director or Aerodynamic Designer included in your hiring and firing as your team develops.


Braking Point

The first trailer for F1 2021 contained a teaser for Braking Point, a brand-new story mode featuring arch-nemesis Devon Butler.

You can check out the trailer below!


Codemasters appears to be focusing on improving its multiplayer offering for F1 2021.

Rumours surrounding an in-game arena to watch F1 Esports and Challengers events have emerged and if true, could be an extremely welcome addition to the game.


As for multiplayer, it looks like the same modes and playlists from F1 2020 will feature.


There are no new teams coming onto the grid in F1 2021, but two teams are changing their name.

Renault will be morphing into Alpine F1 Team for 2021, while Racing Point will turn into Aston Martin.


While the 2020 season was full of amazing new venues like Portimao and the return of Imola, there is every possibility of these two tracks featuring due to changes in the calendar.


Codemasters has confirmed that Imola, Portimao, and Jeddah will be arriving to F1 2021 but will not be available on release. The developer will release the tracks as a free download after the game has been released.


As with the last two years, we expect the F2 category to remain in the game. This should be in the form of the F2 2020 grid, as with previous games.

An F2 update will then be introduced to bring the 2021 F2 grid to the game.

Price & Editions

F1 2021 will be the first F1 game designed for the next-gen consoles.

As a result, racers could see a price jump from the usual £55 to £60.


As always, there will be a Deluxe Edition which grants players three days of early access, a My Team Icons Pack, exclusive customisation items, and 18,000 PitCoin to spend in-game.

The Deluxe Edition costs £74.99 on console and £64.99 on PC.

EA Takeover

After EA finally confirmed that it would be taking over Codemasters, F1 2021 will be the first EA-published F1 title since 2003.