How To Refund Xbox Series X And Series S Games

Getting next-gen consoles is super exciting, but navigating the system’s UI can be a little tricky at first. This guide will help you know how to perform certain actions on your new Xbox Series X or Series S console.

Don’t be worried if you haven’t cracked it on your own, we’ve all been there!

Here we’ll explain how you can refund digital games bought through your Xbox Series X and Series S.

In the hype of Christmas, it can be easy to fall into the trap set by ana amazing deal for a bad game!

Unfortunately, you aren’t guaranteed your money back in every case, but if you’ve purchased something by mistake it can be worth trying to return it to get your money back.

Once you’ve submitted your refund, why not check out our recommendations for other games you could try playing instead!

Before you read our guide!

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A few notes before we begin!

Firstly this guide will only be for digital games purchased through your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console.

Receiving refunds on digital products purchased from other retailers, like download codes from Amazon, will have different rules.

Equally, it won’t work for physical game discs, you’ll have to check your specific retailer for those.

Additionally, there is, unfortunately, no guarantee your refund will be accepted.

Even if you have a really good case, Microsoft has a strict set of rules and have the last say when it comes to deciding to give you money back or not.

But with that said here’s our guide

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How to request a refund for digital games

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If you have accidentally purchased a game on your Xbox Series X or Series S all hope is not lost.

What you have to do is head over to the official Microsoft website and look for their refund page.

Alternatively, you can follow the link here.

After this, sign in with the account you made the purchase on and you should see a list of items that have been purchased.

Simply select the products you would like a refund for, submit the details you need to and you should be sorted!

As said before, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive a refund, but you can check out Microsoft’s refund terms here.

Our TLDR would be that you’ll have the best chance of a refund if the purchase was very recent (less than 14 days but preferably sooner) and that you haven’t played the game very much (or at all), or if it was in-game currency, that it hasn’t been spent yet. Though again, we can’t guarantee that fulfilling these conditions will definitely net you a refund.

We hope this guide helped, and please check out our others for your Xbox Series X and Series S needs!

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