Xbox Series X Controller: Packaging Leaked Online - Xbox Series S Confirmed?

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Xbox Series X is coming this year, alongside PlayStation 5, in what is gearing up to be the biggest year for gamers in quite some time.

We know what the Series X is going to look like, along with the controller; but now a leak has surfaced online with more details. 


Let's take a look! 


Packaging Leaked 

In a tweet posted by Twitter user @TinyRakan, they posted a few images of what they are suspecting is leaked images of the Series X controller in white.


We have not seen a white iteration of the Series X console yet, so it is interesting to see it for the first time.

With the rumored black colorway of the PS5 also releasing this fall, both Microsoft and Sony are bringing both colorways to the table it seems.

⚡️تسريب كرتون يد Xbox Series X الجديدة باللون الابيض مع تأكيد قدوم جهاز Xbox Series S بحسب ماهو مكتوب خلف الكرتون
— ℛ𝒜𝒦𝒜𝒩 єℓєssαя #SeriesX #PS5 (@TinyRakan)
August 9, 2020



Series S? 

For some time now there have been multiple rumors circulating the air regarding a cheaper Series X that will release alongside it this Fall.

Within Microsoft, this has been called the Xbox Lockhart, but if you look closely at the packaging of the controller, you will notice the 'Xbox Series X/S' text.

This all but confirms that Microsoft is set to announce the budget version of the Series X in the near future. But, this is only true, if the controller leak proves to be true; so take this information with a grain of salt for the time being. 



More News? 

For now, we will have to wait and see what Microsoft has to say regarding these leaks. 

We cannot wait to find out if the Series S is true, as it would be a great alternative for budget gamers!