Valorant Yoru Gatecrash Bug: What It Does And How To Avoid It

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Yoru players are finding out that Valorant’s latest Agent is a lot harder to play than any other.

In fact, using his abilities incorrectly can push you below the map and have you eliminated!


Obviously, this is not what Riot intended as a feature for the character but for now, no official fix has come out.

Here’s what to watch out for as a Yoru main so you can play the newest character as safely as possible!

Yoru Gatecrash Glitches


(Image: Riot)

Yoru may be fresh to the Valorant party, but players are finding out he has a few quirks to handle. 

First of all, you have that if you jump before teleporting, then go to a much lower area of the map you’ll take fall damage. 

The same doesn’t happen if you don't jump.


Though while the above glitch can occasionally be deadly, the next is even worse!

And yet again it relates to his Gatecrash teleportation ability.

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If you use Yoru’s same teleport ability.


As shown by a player on Reddit, if you wait too long to recall to a tether you could end up falling through the map and out of the world!

Given that the use case above seems exactly the sort of scenario you’d want from the ability, it’s odd that the bug wasn’t picked up beforehand.

But what can we do to avoid it?

Tips To Avoid Gatecrash Issues


Until a patch is released we have a few tips to follow:

Try to make sure you don’t jump before teleporting. If you want, try mapping the jump action to a different key for a bit to make it harder to do so!

Use Gatecrash quickly. Set it, get in, get out in just a few seconds rather than waiting for too long. This limits what you can do but it will at least mean you don’t die to the floor.

Finally, maybe don’t use Yoru for a bit. You’ll definitely want to give him a go but in this broken state, you’ll be doing a massive disservice to your teammates and yourself. It might be a good idea to just wait for a fix from Riot