The PS5 Shows Your Complete Playtime For Every Game

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Both Xbox Series X and PS5 are launching this month, and that means anticipation has reached a fever pitch.

Now, we are in the storm that is next-gen console release week and many of you are looking forward to getting your console of choice.


The PS5 has been touted as the true next-gen experience, especially due to the new DualSense controller.

Sony is implementing tons of aspects into the new console, including one that many of us are already thankful for.

Players will now be able to view their complete playtime for any game on the console! 




Gamespot were the first ones to notice this new feature within the PS5.

The console will tell you your specific playtime no matter how little or much you have played of the game.

As well, it will also be separate the 'Played' versus 'Total Play Time Hours'.


This is due to the fact that the console will tell you your playtime1 from PS4 games as well as PS5 ones. 

This feature is one we see within the Nintendo Switch as well, but it appears this one is going to be more precise. 

Knowing the playtime of your games can be beneficial for comparing some of your favorite games.

Or it can be a terrible feature as you come to terms with how many hours you have spent in a certain game!


Let us know what side of the argument you are on!

As well, be sure to check back over the course of the week for guides on all the PS5 exclusives.