Esports Are Now Part of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

Despite being an outdoor-focused program, The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award has added Esports as a skills activity to its scheme. Offering a youth programme split between Bronze, Silver and Gold ranks, that's traditionally been based around outdoor activities like volunteering, learning news skills, and more.

Speaking via a press release, The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award's CEO Ruth Marvel confirmed:

Esports is one of the fastest growing activities in the UK and helps young people develop essential skills. DofE has a proud history of evolving our programmes to reflect the changing interests and needs of young people, so I’m delighted that, following a successful pilot, we’ve added Esports to the DofE Skills list.
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Esports Are Now Part of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

This decision follows a successful pilot scheme, where the DofE conducted a survey between 1000 business leaders. They found 8/10 leaders were open to employing young people who were gaining transferable skills from competitive gaming. A further 71% said they found educational value in Esports.

You won't be able to earn this award through Esports alone, mind. You'll need to take part in other activities to achieve it, and that has to be organised through a "structured adult-led group, such as a school or college-enrichment club." We'll keep you informed if there's further developments.

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