The DOTA 2 2015 International Compendium Released

The Dota 2 Compendium for ths year's International tournament has been revealed today by Valve.

The Compendium, initially introduced in 2013, is an interactive digital book utilised as a way for fans to crowdfund additional funds into the prize pool for the event, interacting and securing goodies for their own gaming experience along the way. This year's Compendium costs $10, with $2.50 of each purchase going straight into the prize pool for the event.

The prize pool currently sits at $1,917,155.

There are a number of stretch goals available on the Compendium site, which will unlock rewards for owners once the maximum prize pool reaches certain values. These include Cursor Packs, Immortal Treasures, Music Packs and New Announcer Voices, among an entire horde of others. The current maximum stretch goal is at $15,000,000.

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Players can also level up their compendiums in order to gain even more bonuses for their accounts, with further details being accessible via the site itself. Last year, The International managed to raise almost $11,000,000 through crowdfunding in this manner, making it the largest single tournament prize pool in eSports history.

The International is set to take place in the Key Arena in Seattle, August 3-8th. This will be the 5th time the tournament has taken place.

The best Starcraft II players from around the world are set to compete at the Gfinity Spring Masters II, May 1st-3rd. You can grab tickets to spectate the entire thing live, or read up on additional information here.

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