Super Mario Sunshine: How To Get Off A Blooper

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Mario Sunshine is one of the greatest Nintendo Gamecube games of all time.

It is releasing on the Nintendo Switch along with Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy.

A section in the game will require you to ride Bloopers.


But can you get off them?


Blooper Race

There is a set of races that you can partake in during your adventure in Sunshine.

You will be able to enter these races in Ricco Harbor. 

Mario will need to navigate the course named Big Daddy of Blooper-surfing in order to get the elusive red-coins and be crowned the winner.

Before you being the race, there are different Blooper's that you can mount on. 

Mariowiki posted the following which classifies each Blooper: 

  • Green Blooper - These Bloopers are slow, but easy to control.
  • Yellow Blooper - These Bloopers have average speed and control.
  • Purple Blooper or Pink - These Bloopers are fast, but hard to control.

Mario will need to complete some of these races as apart of the main story.

Most notable in episode two! 


Can You Get Off

Once you get on top of a Blooper and get ready to begin the race, you are locked in.

There is no way to get off the Blooper; as the developers intend for you to complete the race!

So, be careful about when you jump on a Blooper!