Steam Game Fest is Now Steam Next Fest, Premieres in June

The Steam Game Festival is now the Steam Next Fest, Valve announced in a new Steam update.

Valve made the decision as part of an effort to streamline the event’s message and “more directly communicate its focus.”

That focus is on previewing hundreds of upcoming games through demos and more.

Valve also announced the next Steam Game Festival date, which... is now also the first Steam Next Fest date because that’s not confusing at all.

Anyway, Steam Next Fest will take place June 16 through June 22.

What developers will take part and which demos might be available is still unknown at the time of writing, though we’ll update as more information becomes available.

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Steam Game Fest is Now Steam Next Fest, Premieres in June

It seems the name is all Valve is changing.

As of now, there’s no indication the Steam Next Fest is any different from Steam Game Festival.

Valve still promised livestreams, developer chats, and more with the Steam Next Fest in addition to the usual demos, trailers, and livestreams that characterized the Steam Game Festival.

The most recent Steam Game Festival featured a staggering lineup, ranging from high profile games such as Balan Wonderworld to smaller indie gems, including A Space for the Unbound and the beaver apocalypse game Timberborn.

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[Source: Valve]

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