Red Dead Online: How to get the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License

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The latest Red Dead Online update just dropped, adding new enhanced Bounty Hunter levels for players to enjoy!

Whether you are already a well-established agent of the law, or a newcomer looking to make a name for yourself, here’s everything we know about how to earn the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License.


Once you have it, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of new content like high-level items, new skills to acquire, new weapon variants and horses, Infamous Bounty targets on the Bounty Boards and even more!

How to get the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License

The Prestigious Bounty Hunter License can be bought from any Bounty Board by anyone who holds a Bounty Hunter License for 15 Gold Bars.


The newswire does not suggest you have to be over a certain level, so get straight on it!

If you are new to the bounty hunter game, you can take 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter License to get started on your journey!

Any Current Bounty hunter can enjoy a discount on all Bounty hunter items up to Rank 20.

At 40%, this saving is one you’ll definitely want to take advantage of!


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What Comes With The Prestigious Bounty Hunter License?

A few goodies await any player who buys the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License!

One such reward is the new Legendary Bounties, with the first dropping in the next few weeks.


You’ll have to face off with “dandy-turned-bastard Gene ‘Beau’ Finley” according to the game’s website.

On top of this, the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License also adds 10 new ranks on top of the 20 ranks already available to Bounty Hunters.

These new ranks will net you new skills, items and weapons to use on your bounty hunting adventures!

We’ll let you know what else is coming with our other Red Dead Online guides, so be sure to check those out!