PS5: How To Fix The ‘Queued for Download’ Error And Start Downloading Games

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So, you just got your new PS5 and you can’t wait for it to become your only way to play!

But we get it, the new UI of a next-gen console can sometimes not be the easiest to navigate.


We all need a little hand from time to time, so we’re here with a bunch of guides on how to do everything and anything on your PS5.

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This guide will explain how you can fix the ‘queued for download’ error!

Hopefully, fixing the glitch will stop it from getting in the way of you downloading and playing your catalogue of PS4 and PS5 Games!

What is the ‘Queued for Download’ error?

The error, or glitch, occurs whenever you try to download a Digital Game on your PS5.


The title can be a title from the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 era, the same error occurs.

When you go to download a game, you’ll end up stuck on the Downloads/Uploads screen.

Then when you go over to your PS5 downloads queue, you’ll see that there isn’t anything there!

This is likely going to be a huge frustration for many players, but this isn’t the half of it!


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How to fix the ‘Queued for Download’ error?

Thankfully, Sony have recently put out an updated fix!


Rather than having to completely reset your console, you’ll instead have to download the latest PS5 update.

Then, when you experience the problem, reboot your console into Safe Mode.

To do this press and hold the Power Button, until you hear two beeps, one from the usual power on and then a second.

Now your PS5 should show you a menu.

If you’ve experienced issues downloading games with “Queued for Download” or “View Details” messages on PS5, please update the system software to the latest version, start your PS5 in safe mode then rebuild the database. See "PS5:safe mode options" at
— Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation)
November 19, 2020

Navigate to Rebuild Database as shown in the Tweet above and waiting should solve your issues.


Players are already reporting the fix is working, and we also expect that we’ll see a better solution very soon!

We hope this helps, and check out our other guides for more guidance if you need it!