PS5 Controller To Last 4 Hours Longer Than DualShock 4? Rumors, News and More!

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With a new console generation on the horizon, the PS5 has emerged as the clear cut front runner in 2020's console wars.

From the exclusives to the controller, it appears Sony is ready to sprint to the finish line.


Now, a new rumor has surfaced regarding the battery life of the PS5 Controller.

Here's the news!



According to a report posted by Push Square, which cites a Reddit post with claims to be in touch with previous leakers of the Dualsense. It notes: 


"They noted that it averaged around 3 to 4 hours more than the dualshock 4" along with "The Comfort of it: They noted that it is much more comfortable than the dualshock 4 and less bulky overall, they even noted that it was more comfortable than the Xbox one controller in their eyes"

Whether or not this rumor turns out to be true is unknown as of now, so take it with a grain of salt.

However, it would not surprise us if the Dualsense does have a larger battery life; as during the showcase with Geoff Keighley it appears to look larger than the DualShock 4!