Pokemon Crown Tundra: Where To Find and Catch Galarian Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno

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Regional Pokemon forms were a concept introduced back during Pokemon Sun and Moon and we have seen Nintendo implement more and more variants each game.

Now, with the second DLC released in the Sword and Shield expansion series, there are even more regional variants to find.


To the surprise of many, the Pokemon highlighting this crop is the legendary bird Pokemon from the Kanto region.

Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos are all obtainable in the Crown Tundra!



The first on our list is Zapdos since this is the Galarian form of the Pokemon; it no longer has the iconic electric typing.

Instead, it has a dual-typing of fighting and flying. 

This is one of the easier ones to find, as it will simply be hanging out within the Wild Area.


Be careful, however, as the Pokemon is fairly quick and powerful!



Moltres has adopted the dual-typing of dark and flying and can be found within the Isle of Armor region.

Yes, we are heading back to the very first DLC location; as this is where Moltres has been spotted!

This one is also rather simple, as when you initially make your way back to the Isle of Armor you will see Moltres flying over the ocean.

Simply cut its path off and you will then begin a battle with it!


Check out this video from MonkeyKingHero!



Last but not least is Articuno, this bird has adopted the psychic-flying typing and is one of the tricker ones to find. 

MonkeyKingHero has noted in the following video it has been found within the Snowslide Slope and Giant's Bed regions of the Crown Tundra.

There is a trick when catching this Pokemon however, as there will be three of them.


Only one of them is real, so you will need to try your best luck at guessing which one is the real one!

Best of luck hunting down these Pokemon!