Pokemon Sword And Shield Max Raid Battle Shiny Event Details

A special January event has launched in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

For the next few days, players will have an increased chance of spawning a Shiny Skwovet and Shiny Greedent!

Here’s what to look out for and everything else we know about the latest Max Raid Battle event.

Release Date and Schedule

The event is going on right now at the time of writing and will last until midnight UTC on Sunday!

Get on it quick if you want to snag a shiny pokemon!

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Shiny Pokemon

The two headliners are Skwovet and Greedent, both of which have an increased chance of being shiny, going up to 2% in Max Raid Battles.

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The regular versions (Left) and Shiny versions (Right) of Skwovet and Greedent (Image: Pokemon Company)

Typically the rate is only 1 in 40906 or 0.024% so this is a huge increase for the pokemon.

Though players will also have 16% likelihood of spawning Cherubi, Foongus, Amoonguss, Morelull and Shiinotic!

Not shiny but still worth keeping a track of if you don’t have them in your dex yet!

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The event only lasts for a couple more days so make sure to get Max Raid Battling if you want to add these shiny pokemon to your roster!

Good luck out there trainers!

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