NBA 2K20 Player Rating Upgrade: Kawhi Leonard Player Rating

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NBA 2K20 is set to release on the 6th September 2019 and in the lead up we are exploring players that deserve an upgrade; previously we covered Luka Doncic and now we're turning the spotlight to Kawhi Leonard.

Fun guy, board man, defensive player of the year, 2 time NBA Champion, 2 time NBA Finals MVP and one of the best players of our generation; are all words to describe Kawhi Leonard. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the 28-year-old capped off another phenomenal season in his young but decorated career. 

Leonard was the driving force behind the Toronto Raptors first NBA Championship this past season, where the Raptors denied the Golden State Warriors of their three-peat - Lenoards second time denying a three-peat.


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Lenoard has been in discussion as one of the best defensive players of all time, dating back to his younger days. Over the past few NBA seasons, he has consistently been a top five player in the NBA every year.

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Now going into another installment of 2K Games' legendary basketball series, Leonard looks poised yet again to become one of the highest rated players from the start. Going into NBA 2K20, his full statistics and attributes for NBA 2K19 can be found down below.

NAME: Kawhi LeonardPOS: SFHEIGHT: 6'7"TYPE: All-Around SuperstarJERSEY #: 2CURRENT TEAM: Clippers

Kawhi has established himself as a consistent force to be reckoned with each night on the court, his ability to finish in the paint, make jumpers open or contested has risen him to become an NBA sensation. Oh, and did we mention he has 11.5-inch hands? All of this combined has made him one of the highest defensive rated players each year. 

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Kawhi is the reigning NBA Finals MVP, with such a prestigious award in his back pocket and a marvelous post season, he will for sure be getting another upgrade in NBA 2K20. We can predict Kawhi Leonard’s NBA 2K20 rating will be:

97 Overall Rating

With another overall rating increase, Leonard looks poised to become one of the highest rated players in NBA 2K20. Potentially becoming one of the highest rated players along with counterparts such as Lebron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo; it will intriguing if Kawhi can capture his first regular season MVP.


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Written ByNick Farrel@NickFarrel91