MLG X Games Day 2 Recap

With 2 of our 3 medalists confirmed in the form of OpTic Gaming and FaZe, the third medalist is yet to be decided. With 6 teams attempting to make a run in the Losers Bracket, it has been all or nothing throughout the day. Let's take a look at what happened...


Losers Round 1: TCM Gaming (5)  -   Team Kaliber (8)

Retreat HP was a dominating performance from TCM winning the game 250-112. MadCat dropping 47-20, (the highest K/D of the tournament so far!) However Detroit Uplink was a different story. after 10 minutes of play the score was tied at 5-5 to force an Overtime. Team Kaliber mananged to score in 42 seconds, securing the victory adn securing the series at 1-1. Terrace S&D wnet to a nail-biting round 11 where a quick flurry of kills saw Team Kaliber take the win and move 2-1 ahead in the series. Ascend CTF was next and TCM tied up the series with a 4-1 win over tK with Jurd doing what he wants, dropping a 30 bomb to help the TCMpire. Moving to Detroit HP, TCM started off strong through the first rotation of hills but Team Kaliber applied the pressure to gain a 100 point lead with a few minutes remaining. The the comeback from TCM was looking good as they pulled it back to just 40 points thanks to some great SMG work from Madcat. In the end, it wasn't enough as tK took the win 224-195 and take a 3-2 lead. Biolab Uplink and TCM once again starting off with the hot hand, taking an early lead heading into the second half. But, Team Kaliber managed to rally in the second half, taking the game 10-7 adn the series 4-2. TCM Gaming achieve a 7th-8th place finish.


Losers Round 1: Rise Nation (6) 4 - 3 Team EnVyUs (7)

Both of these teams finished the Pro League close to eachother and it certainly showed.Retreat HP went in favour of EnVy, 220-174, with Loony doing some serious damage, dropping 44 kills with 10 captures. Detroit Uplink was another convincing performance from the boys in blue, taking the win 7-4. Saints and Proofy combined for a total of 65 kills while TeePee and Loony scored all 7 of EnVy's points. Terrace S&D seems to have been the momentum changer in the Best of 7 format and in this case it was. Rise swept to a quick 6-1 victory with Neslo being their standout player with 10 kills and only 2 deaths. Ascend CTF was next and the momentum continued for the Rise Nation squad. Another solid performance from Neslo, scoring 3 out of the 4 captures for his team take the win 4-1. Game 5 was a classic. Rise Nation managing to gab the victory 196-195 to tie up the series at 3-3. Biolab Uplink was a must win for EnVy to stay in the tournament and they delivered with a scrappy 5-4 win. We were going the distance, Game 7... Rise Nation managed to take Solar S&D 6-3 and win the series 4-3, to eliminate EnVyUs from the X Games. Team EnVyUs place 7th-8th.


Losers Round 2: Denial eSports (3) 1 -  4 Team Kailber (8)

 For most people, the WolfPack looked set to advance to the next round. But Team Kaliber came out fighting with a 238-221 win on Solar HP. Sharp dropped 27 kills combined with 8 captures and 8 defends. Comeback Uplink saw a resurgence in the form of Goonjar, who managed to consistently slay out the Denial base to take the map 8-5. Nobody had expected a team who finished at the bottom of the Pro League to be 2-0 up against the World Champs. Riot S&D next and Goonjar continued to impress, scoring 11 kills to secure a 6-3 win. They were one map away from whitewashing the WolfPack. A must win game of CTF for Denial and it's exactly what they did. They came out victorious 4-2 after Overtime with Attach dropping a nice 40 bomb to keep them alive in the tournament. No comeback was on the cards for Denial however as tK managed to take Solar HP 192-180 in the dying moments of the game with Sharp once again scoring the clutch kills to prevent Denial from breaking the hill. Team Kaliber take the series 4-1 and Denial finish 6th place. 

Losers Round 2: Rise Nation (6) 0 - 4 Team Elevate (6)

This match definitely had potential to go the distance. It was far from it however as Elevate took Detroit HP 232-190 with all four team members dropping over 30 kills. Comeback Uplink was a little closer but Elevate still edged out the victory 16-10 thanks to TeeJ and Classic scoring 8 Uplinks each. Riot S&D and Rise needed to shut down the momentum. Unfortunately they were unable to do so. Elevate took Riot S&D 6-2 to sit 3-0 up in the series. Could Rise mount the unthinkable comeback and win 4 straight? They couldn't as Elevate took Retreat CTF 4-3 and the series 4-0. Rise finish in a solid 5th place.


Winners Final: OpTic Gaming (1) 4 - 1 FaZe (2)

In a battle of the top seeds, which would make it to the Gold Medal Match? OpTic started with the hot hand and took Retreat HP 250-130 in s convincing manner. Crimsix dropping 36 kills and 10 captures to secure map 1 for the Green Wall. Comeback Uplink next and the Green Wall turned up again. Scump and Formal dropping a combined 62 kills while Karma and Crimsix combined for 8 captures to secure a 2-0 lead in the series. Once again, the S&D is the came changer. FaZe beating the Green Wall 6-3 to claw back a map in the best of 7. Heading to Biolab CTF and OG dominated the Red Militia, taking the win 4-1 with Crimsix capturing 2 out of the 4 flags. Solar HP up next and the sheer slaying power form OG proved to be too much for FaZe as OpTic won 250-149 to take the series 4-1 and advance to the Gold Medal Match. The Green Wall are yet to lose a respawn!

Losers Round 3: Team Kaliber (8) 1 - 4 Team Elevate (4)

An inform Team Kaliber against an Elevate team with the hot hand. This had potential for a game 7. Starting off with Biolab HP Team Kaliber continued their form taking the victory 212-185 to take an early lead in the series. A close game of Comeback Uplink saw Elevate level the series 1-1 with a close 12-10 victory as we head into Drift S&D. Elevate took early control of this one with a phenomenal 1v3 from Temp in the opening round of the game. This looked to be the catalyst for the Red Rebellion as they took control of the game and won 6-4, taking a 2-1 lead in the series. Elevate now had the wind in their sails and it showed as they took Biolab CTF 4-1 thanks to Slacked capturing 3 out of 4 flags and maintaining a 1.79 K/D. Solar HP next and after a close few minutes, Elevate managed to come out on top, taking the game 197-171 and the series 4-1. Team Kaliber place a very respectable 5th place.

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