Is Michael Jackson In Fortnite?

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Images have been circulating online which appear to show Michael Jackson in Fortnite, but are they real?

We’re here to explain the viral footage and once and for all answer if Michael Jackson is coming to Fortnite?


(Spoiler: No, and he probably never will)

The Viral Images

The well-made images show off concept art by João Filipe Santiago created back in August.


The artist has released multiple skin concepts as well as emote ideas for a ‘What If Fortnite + MJ’ collaboration.

The creator even imagines what the item shop would look like during the event.

Though at this time, you shouldn’t expect any kind of reveal.


João Filipe Santiago is a very talented creator but they aren’t affiliated with Epic Games, the developers behind Fortnite.

Additionally, the skins may be getting increased attention at the moment but they’re old, the designs being released back in August 2020.

João Filipe Santiago’s channel is also home to a few other cool concept arts, including ‘What If Fortnite + Sonic’ and ‘What if Fortnite + Queen’ collabs.


The Sonic trailer is obviously heavily inspired by NPCs and cosmetics from Season 5!

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Will Fortnite Adde Michael Jackson In The Future

Almost certainly not, the late pop star has become an increasingly controversial figure in recent years and we doubt Epic Games would want to get tangled up in it all.


Multiple abuse allegations have been made against the singer and, while his estate has refuted them, it is likely that his inclusion in Fortnite would not go down well with some.

This is especially true given Fortnite’s appeal to a younger audience and Jackson’s alleged victims being minors.

So sorry any of you MJ fans, your favourite musician probably won’t be joining Travis Scott and Marshmello.