Black Ops Cold War: How To Get Nuketown Bundle and Last Stop Blueprint in Multiplayer and Warzone

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Call of Duty Cold War has recently released, fans all over the world are enjoying the latest hit in the franchise.

Though if you haven’t yet bought the game, you might to change that soon or miss out on a free bundle and weapon Blueprint!


The Nuketown bundle and Last Stop Blueprint are up for grabs right now!

If you want to pay homage to Call of Duty’s best-known maps, login now to guarantee you snag one of these jam-packed packages!

You’ll also be able to use some of the rewards in Call of Duty Warzone too!

How Do I Get The Nuketown Bundle?

Unlocking the bundle is a piece of cake, so don’t worry!


All you have to do is buy Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Login by December 3!

Then you should unlock the bundle November 20 10 AM PST (6 PM GMT). That’s today at time of writing!

One extra reason you’ll want this bundle is that not only will you receive benefits in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, you also unlock blueprints in Warzone too!

The blueprints will go live in Warzone at a later date in December!


What’s in the Nuketown Bundle?

Considering that it’s free, the Nuketown bundle comes with a lot of Black Ops Cold War goodies.

You’ll get an Emblem, Sticker, Calling Card and SIX Charms! 


On top of that, you’ll receive the very cool looking Last Stop Blueprint.

The Last Stop is a special Hauer 77 shotgun, which comes not only with a nice wrap, but some fancy perks too.

As described on the Call of Duty website, “This configuration includes a 21.6” Paratrooper Barrel, a 6 RND Tube Magazine, a Milstop Reflex Optic, and a Commando Assembly Stock.” 

“When combined, these attachments give the shotgun a faster fire rate, better damage range, increased ammo capacity, slightly quicker speed when aiming and shooting, and a clearer sight picture — all the ingredients needed for a great secondary weapon.”


This sounds like a weapon you absolutely need in your arsenal, so make sure you Login now to get one, before it’s too late!