How To Get Champions For Free In League of Legends

League of Legends has over 100 champions and the number is growing all the time!

So buying every Legend just isn’t possible unless you have an enormous amount of time or money to burn.

Instead, you could try playing as the Champions for free, so here are our top tips for how to get Champions for nothing in League of Legends!

Let’s Start Saving

There are currently only a few ways to play as a Champion for free in League of Legends.


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Try not to get down! (Image: Riot Games)

When we use this word, be careful of scammers trying to con you out of personal info.

Instead what we mean are official giveaways through Riot or a reputable source like Twitch Prime.

While these deals aren’t always on, when they happen you’ll be able to snag a free League of Legends Champion to add to your roster, so keep an eye out!

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Free Rotation

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Let's hope you have good Fortnue! (Image: Riot Games)

Your first option is to play as the hero while that are available in League of Legends’ free rotation pool.

This selection of Champions is changed each week and is often just a random selection of 15 of the game’s roster.

Using the free rotation can be a good chance to dip your toes into a character before deciding if they are definitely one you want to buy, but you will have the downside of not being able to choose which ones are available.

You can check out this week’s rotation here!

Gifts From A Friend

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Try lending a paw to a friend (Image: Riot Games)

If you have a kind friend they may want to gift you a League of Legends Champion.

They’ll have to be at least level 10, you’ll have to have been on each other’s buddy list for 24 hours and you’ll have to have not received (or your friend sent) 10 other gifts in the last 24 hours. 

If all those criteria are met then your mate can buy a Legend for you.

Unfortunately, they can’t currently gift you a Champion that they own, they have to buy the champion again as a gift which is a little annoying!

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Champion Bundles

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Don't get burned by a bad deal! (Image: Riot Games)

This final one is kind of a cheat on our end. 

You will have to buy the Champion Bundle but the discounts mean that you’ll effectively earn some Champions for free!

We know this won’t be the news you wanted to hear but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as new options become available on how to get free League of Legends Champions!

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