How To Defeat IO Guards Season 5 Week 5 Challenges Fortnite Chapter 2

IO Guards have been the bane of many players throughout Chapter 2 Season 5, but now it’s time to fight back.

The Week 5 Legendary Quest will require players to eliminate 50 of these NPC characters.

This may seem difficult, but we are here to help you defeat them like it’s no trouble.

Well, we’re here to help you out with a guide to find and defeat the Imagine Order’s elite commandos!

Let’s get to it!

Where To Find Io Guards

This full map shows you every location that IO Guards can spawn.

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Source: Mang0e

Though we aren’t interested in every location. We’d instead advise you head to one we’ve marked:

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This is because if you land to the east just a little you’ll find Lake Canoe.

Here you can harvest plenty of materials and fish up Loot and Floppers to power you up for a fight.

It’s also often a quiet area in terms of other players landing here so you should be reasonably safe.

Until you spawn the IO Guards that is. 

Simply walk near the elevator’s spawn sit and it should drop down!

Now take out the three guards.

From here you can either rinse and repeat or could instead swim south to the site near Lazy Lake.

From here head North / North-West and you should be able to hit the next two sites on a good run.

That’s up to 12 IO Guards! You should be able to defeat 50 in no time.

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