Halo 5 UK Championship Registrations Are Now Open!

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Yesterday, we revealed our role as the official UK and ROI host of the Halo World Championship 2016.

Today, we’re delighted to announce that the Halo World Championship UK and ROI Qualifiers are now open for registration! 


Click here to register!

The Halo 5 UK and ROI Championship online qualifiers will be held on December 20th, January 3rd, January 6th and January 10th. Each qualifier will contain a total of 42,000 points and will be awarded via the following breakdown: 

·         1st = 5000 points

·         2nd = 3000 points


·         3rd-4th = 2000 points

·         5th-8th = 1500 points

·         9th-16th = 1000 points

·         17th-32nd = 500 points


·         33rd-64th = 250 points 

We’re also excited to confirm that registrations for the official Halo World Championship UK and ROI Ladder will launch Monday, 23rd November, at 5:00pm GMT.

The online ladder will follow a best-of-three format. Winning an online ladder match will award respective teams with 5 ladder points. While a loss will result in zero points awarded.

Further details surrounding the structure and format of the UK and ROI Halo World Championship can be found here.


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