Halo 2: Anniversary LAN Championship - Recap

What a weekend of Halo action we had in the Gfinity Halo 2: Anniversary LAN Championship!TCM Gaming ended up the eventual victors after a hard fought final against London Conspiracy. A huge thank you has to go out to all the players who took part in the event, it was a great event and leaves us looking forward to all the Halo plans we have for 2015.Check below for a comprehensive recap of how the LAN Championship played out.Videos on DemandIf you missed the action from the Halo 2: Anniversary LAN CHampionship then you're going to like our full selection of VODS from the weekend, featuring every bit of livestreamed action from the weekend. Click the links on the results below to access the VoD of that game.Saturday's Results

Winners Bracket Round 1

2 TCM Gamingv Velociraptors 0 (Best of 3)0 Flawless Victory vStrive 2(Best of 3)2 TECv BH3 eSports (Best of 3)2 VwS Gamingv Almasty 0 (Best of 3)2 London Conspiracy v UG (Best of 3)2 Vanityv Avengers Assemble 0 (Best of 3)2 Team Infusedv Deceive (Best of 3)0 Xenex vFaZe France 2(Best of 3)Losers Bracket Round 11 Velociraptors v Flawless Victory 2 (Best of 3)0 BH3 eSports v Almasty 2 (Best of 3)2 UG v Avengers Assemble 0 (Best of 3)0 Deceive v Xenex 2 (Best of 3)WInners Bracket Quarter-Finals2 TCM Gamingv Strive 0 (Best of 3)0 TEC vVwS Gaming 2(Best of 3)2 London Conspiracyv Vanity 0 (Best of 3)0 Team Infused vFaZe France 2(Best of 3)Losers Bracket Round 22 Team Infused v Flawless Victory 0 (Best of 3)1 Vanity v Almasty 2 (Best of 3)2 VwS Gaming v UG 0 (Best of 3)Strive v Xenex (Best of 3)Losers Bracket Round 3

3 Team Infused v Almasty 0 (Best of 5)3 VwS Gaming v Team Xenex 1 (Best of 5)Winners Bracket Semi-Finals3 TCM Gaming v TEC 0 (Best of 3)0 London Conspiracy v FaZe France 3(Best of 5)

Sunday's ResultsLosers Bracket Round 42 TEC vs Team Infused 3 (Best of 5)3 London Conspiracy vs VwS Gaming 1 (Best of 5)Loser Bracket Semi-Final0 Team Infused v London Conspiracy 3 (Best of 5)Losers Bracket Final2 FaZe France v London Conspiracy 3 (Best of 5)Winners Bracket Final3TCM Gaming vs FaZe France 0 (Best of 5)Grand Final2 TCM Gaming v London Conspiracy3 (Best of 5)3TCM Gaming v London Conspiracy 2 (Best of 5)*TCM Gaming win the Championship after needing to secure only one best-of-five seriesFinal Placements1st - TCM Gaming2nd - London Conspiracy3rd - Faze France4th - Team Infused5th/6th - TEC / VwS Gaming7th/8th - Almasty / Xenex9th/12th - Flawless Victory / Vanity / UG / Strive13th/16th - Velociraptors / BH3 eSports / Avengers Assemble / DeceiveBrackets

Want to catch up on the bracket? Use the links below to track how the tournament progressed.

Winners BracketLosers Bracket

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