GTA 6 Reveal Coming At Super Bowl LV?

Could GTA 6 be revealed at Super Bowl LV?

The fact we’re writing about it means that there is a possibility!

But is the hype worth believing, or has the internet just got a bit too excited as usual?

Here’s a rundown of all the speculation.

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GTA VI At Super Bowl LV

So why do fans believe that Suber Bowl LV will reveal GTA 6I?

Well, rumours started last year when the UK and US broadcasters of the Super Bowl used Vice City references in their coverage. 

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(Image: u/ItsThatOrangeGuy)

As Reddit user u/ItsThatOrangeGuy notes in the images they compiled, Fox Sports and the BBC both made clear references to the iconic Vice City GTA game.

Though nothing came of these teases and it seems more and more likely that the Vice City graphics were used to reference the Miami location for the Super Bowl, with that being the real location Vice City is based on.

It is common for Super Bowl advertising to reference pop culture after all!

This year players instead believe that The Weekend could be the teaser fans are hoping for.

There are rumours that he’s been working with Rockstar for GTA 6 and so perhaps after or before his Half-Time show, we’ll get a teaser for the game.

Over on Reddit, user u/ItsTreDay puts forward a well-reasoned case for this but we aren’t as convinced.

Sure it could happen, but we aren’t going to hold out too much hope for a GTA 6 reveal. 

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

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