Gfinity Recruits New Talent

Gfinity recruits new talent

As Gfinity and the eSports industry continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, we’re constantly on the lookout for new talent, who can aid upon and improve our support of the eSports community.

Today, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve officially recruited the services of Mark ‘Onset’ Hatcher, who will be joining Gfinity as a member of our permanent in-house broadcast team.

As an active member of the Halo community, Onset’s competitive career extends all the way back to 2004, in which he competed as a professional player on Halo 3, before completing his transition to a commentator in 2015.

Since then, Onset has played an integral role within the European Halo community, having commentated at several events, including the HCS Halo World Championships and the HCS Halo Pro League.

While Onset’s forte currently lies within the Halo franchise, through his new role at Gfinity, Onset aims to diversify his skillsets, as he works alongside some of the most talented individuals in the eSports community.

In announcing the news, Michael Brown, Head of Broadcasting at Gfinity, said: 

With his strong ability to engage the audience, natural on-screen charisma and unrivalled passion for eSports, Mark will be a great addition to our live broadcasts. In addition to being skilled on camera, Mark will also play an integral role in the production of our pre-recorded content.

This is the first in a series of hires for us, as we prepare for our aggressive broadcast plan for 2017. I’m delighted Mark has chosen to join us at Gfinity.

Our acquisition of Mark ‘Onset’ Hatcher is the first announcement of many, as we prepare for the next step of Gfinity’s legacy. Who knows, you may even be the next member to join the Gfinity family.

Please give Onset a huge welcome to the Gfinity team, exciting times are ahead!

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