Gfinity FUT Champions Cup December: Xbox Results and Standings Day 2

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The Gfinity FUT Champions Cup December continued in full force as the top 16 Xbox players of FIFA 19 battled each other for a spot in the semi finals!

Let's check out the results of the main matches of the day and how the knock out stage went down...



The action kicked off with a highly competitive game between Rogue's NRaseck7 & Night_Watch. With both players in top form, the game went all the way to extra time, when NRaseck7 scored an insane goal to put an end to the challenge with the score of 5-4. Other results included Schalke Esport's Tim Latka defeating The Spiderkong 3-2 and Mino7x defeating Salzor 6-3, but with both players being able to go to the second round due to the points accumulated in the group stage.


Saudi Arabian player The Royal took on Fabio Denuzzo from Italy in the main match of this round, and it was once again a highly competitive match between two great players. The Royal made his goals count and gave early signs he was going to cause trouble to all players (more on that later) during the night, winning the game 3-2 and eliminating his rival from the competition. Other matches in the round saw Vitality's Rafsou eliminate Envy's Jablett 6-2 and M10 Resende display incredible skills and defeat Kuromame 4-1.


The top 2 Xbox players of the world finally played their first games of the day. F2Tekkz showed why he is the most feared 17 year old in the planet by dispatching Tim Latka with relative ease, winning both legs, and ending with a final score of 5-2. It was then FIFA eWorld champion Msdossary to make his debut in the Gfinity Arena and to dominate Brenner 7, giving his rival absolutely no chance to score any goals and ending the challenger 4-0.

Another key player, Megabit, also had success and managed to defeat Mino7x with an insane 6 goal difference, ending the game 11-5, and NRaseck7 had another win as he defeated the dangerous Daxe from PSG Esports.




In the best game of the night up until that point, TeamVitality's Rafsou took on NetShoes Esport's TMaciel! The young Brazilian player took the early lead against the experience Rafsou, who only scored his first goal in the final minutes of the first leg, wich finished 2-1. The Vitality man came back stronger in the second leg and made his presence know an getting a two goal lead. TMaciel managed to tie the game in the 71st minute, but his joy was short-lived as Rafsou rallied back in the 75th minute to score the last goal of the match and close the show 5-4, eliminating the NetShoes athlete.

Another interesting matchup was between Night_Watch & Bundled Stokes, which ended up having a total of 14 goals scored! Stokes ended up getting the best out of his adversary in the final minutes of the game and eliminating him with a final score of 8-6.


The last round to determine who would join F2Tekkz, Msdossary, Megabit & NRaseck7 was intense and saw a great number of players eliminated once it was over. PSG's Daxe rallied back from his earlier loss and took the victory over Bundled Stokes, The Royal destroyed Mino7x with 9 goals and Brenner 7 surprised everyone by eliminating Rafsou of the competition, also by scoring 9 goals in total. The last match saw M10 Resende defeat Tim Latka 5-2 and move onwards to face F2Tekkz.


The quarter final action kicked off with 2x FUT Champion F2Tekkz taking on M10 Resende, and unfortunately putting and end to the Brazilian's great run in the competition by defeating him 3-1. On the other matchup in this round, PSG's Daxe got his revenge against NRaseck7, and sent his rival crashing out of the competition by closing the score 7-6.



Another player seeking revenge was Brenner 7, who took on Msdossary once again in the same day. This time however, the Brazilian was a harder foe to the Saudi, and almost had him, but the FIFA eWorld Cup Champion was able to take the game on extra time and finish it 4-3. The last and definitely the most action packed game of the entire day was the one between The Royal and Megabit.

Being a heavy favourite, Megabit entered the stage filled with confidence, but the Royal quickly made him think twice by taking the first leg 3-0. Megabit came back in full force on the next leg however, and was able to keep the lead and advantage for most of the game, making it 4-1. This would mean the aggregate score would be tied, but The Royal was having none of it, and stole the W on the 88th minute with a header that made the final score 5-4.

With all the Xbox games concluded for the day, we now have all our semi finalists; F2Tekkz will take on PSG Daxe, and fellow Saudis & former teammates Msdossary & The Royal will battle it out to see who will reach the final.

Tomorrow it will be time for the TOP 16 PS4 players to do the same and see who will survive in the competition until Sunday!