Gfinity EU Pro League Team Profile: Team Infused

Helmed by the Premiership and Championship divisions, the European Pro League is closing in as the best teams in Europe battle it out, fuelled by aspirations of securing a slice of the £15,000 prize pool on offer. 

Not only will the victors walk away with the money, but also a coveted invitation to the Gfinity Call of Duty Summer Championship, which is scheduled to take place at the start of August with a staggering prize purse of $100,000.

There's a lot to play for over the course of the next few months in terms of European competition, and teams will certainly want to be at their best.

Team Infused are one of the rosters to have locked in their invitation to participate in the European Pro League, which opens at the Gfinity Arena in London on June 20-21st. Tickets are available to purchase right now for those interested. Often considered in the second tier of European competition, Infused have the talent and the drive needed to propel themselves to the top, and the EU Pro League is their opportunity to do so.

Team Infused

QwiKer - MeLoN - JTee - Lewis

Most of these Team Infused representatives have only recently proven that they're worth their salt, building respectable results at events and holding fast against some of Europe's more prolific talent. They'll be lookng to solidify their individual and collective names as a force during this Pro League.

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Shea "Qwiker" Sweeny previously had a successfull stint as a relatively popular Call of Duty YouTubers, creating public match videos and eventually transitioning to competitive play alongside FearCrads and BennyCentral through the Lightning Pandas squad. After representing them through a Ghosts season filled with middling results, he broke free and has begun to really shine under the Team Infused banner thus far during this action-packed Advanced Warfare year.

Jack "JTee" Taylor was one of the four that made up the 2015 Call of Duty Championships Aware Gaming roster. A player that has risen to prominence throughout the past year, he's known as a solid communicator that can consistently execute when required. The surprise top 12 finish at the world's largest stage is a testament to that fact, for certain.

Lewis "Lewis" Walker has rapidly growing stock when it comes to the European professional Call of Duty scene. Originally gaining recognition under Exertus, he's now representing Team Infused among friends that can give him the level of comfort required to enable him to really come into his own as a player.

Jon "Melon" Ogborne had a blinder of an event alongside Qwiker at the Gfinity CoD Spring Open while representing Exertus, taking a 3rd place finish and falling to only Epsilon eSports and Aware Gaming. Now he's back in Infused colours, and certainly right at home with this roster. The young player has the capability to be the best if he keeps improving at this rate.

Recent Performance

Forged from the fallout of the recent European rostermania, but built on foundations that have remained intact since the beginning of the Advanced Warfare season, this Team Infused lineup feels like it's a lot more stable than the other British teams that have made it into the European Pro League.

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Each of the players have had time to acclimatise to one another's playstyles and adapt, to build their strategies for each situation and to become a well-oiled, multi-faceted machine. They don't have the same amount of experience as their peers, which will certainly make life tougher when playing at the Opening Weekend against higher profile opposition, but as long as they translate their online performances to LAN without issue they could have the capability to beat the best. 

Matches to Watch

Team Infused vs Epsilon eSports

Another British outfit packed with young talent, this time spearheaded by experienced veterans of multiple events - Epsilon have everything that Infused do on paper, but the structure necessary to beat them. This will be a major underdog game for Infused, one that they'll be determined to perform in.

Team Infused vs Millenium

Right now, Britain is undoubtedly the highest tier country in Europe when it comes to Call of Duty, and it's been that way consistently for the past couple of years. The French powerhouse Millenium will certainly be looking to make a real impact and change that throughout the duration of the EU Pro League. While squads like Vitality.Storm and Epsilon have beaten them time and time again, they may consider an outlier like Infused to be easy pickings.

Infused need to stamp out this line of thought and assert their authority early, in order to maintain a high place in the Pro League standings.

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Team Infused vs Gamers2

A showdown with Gamers2 will hold much of the same importance as one versus the aforementioned Millenium will. Gamers2 need to grab at wins in order to assert themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and a squad like Infused seems a more realistic option than knocking down Vitality and Epsilon a peg.

Team Infused will need to prove victorious in matches like this in order to maintain a position to qualify for the Summer Championship in August. 

Team Infused

Shea "Qwiker" Sweeny

Jack "JTee" Taylor 

Lewis "Lewis" Walker

Jon "Melon" Ogborne

The Gfinity European Pro League kicks off June 20-21st, with 8 of the finest teams from across the United Kingdom, France and Spain battling it out for a hefty prize pool and prestige within their region. More information, including ticket prices and sales are available here.

Prepare for a summer of intense Advanced Warfare action. Get your LAN on.

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