Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's: Rocket League Week 2 Results

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Rocket League came back in full force for week 2 of the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's, as the defending S3 champions Renault Team Vitality and Nordavind made their debut on the tournament!

Let's check out all the final results!



Team Vitality vs Reason Gaming

The first matchup saw season 2 champions Reason taking on season 3 champions Renault Team Vitality. Reason Gaming confidently took the first game 4-1, however Vitality proceeded to win the next 3 games. Vitality dominated by only letting Reason score 1 more goal in the entire series! A particularly great performance from Neqzo with 5 unbelievable goals. Final series score: 3-1 for Vitality.

Epsilon Esports vs ASUS ROG Army

Epsilon took on ASUS ROG Army next and what a series it was. Army went for an offensive strategy this week winning them the first 2 games. All hope seemed lost for Epsilon as they were 50 seconds away from losing the series 3-0, but they were able to hold on and win the game, prolonging their lifespan in the series. But it was all futile, as Army answered back everything that was thrown at them. We saw a 3-1 series victory for Army, and a testament to how much a team can improve in just one week.

Hashtag United vs Nordavind

Next up it was Hashtag United vs Nordavind. A dominant performance by Hashtag meant that the final score was 3 games to 1 earning them those vital points in the group stage.

Team Envy vs Method


To close out week 2, Team Envy took on Method. All hope seemed lost for Team Envy as they were 1-0 down in their third game and on the verge of being sweeped 3 games to 0. Miraculously, Team Envy managed to win the game and proceed to win the next 2 games as well. 3-2 was the final result of the series for Team Envy in the best reverse sweep we’ve seen so far this season.

Rocket League will return next Saturday, 11 AM BST for Week 3!


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