Gfinity Elite Draft Delivered by Domino's: Rocket League & SFV Recap

The first Elite Draft for Season 4 has been concluded.

The top 30 Rocket League and Street Fighter V prospects of the Gfinity Challenger series were placed in a Draft pool from which only a selected few would be picked by pro teams like FNATIC, Team Envy and Vitality. Each pro team picked 2 players from each game to join their rankings and battle the best of the best in the upcoming Elite Series.

These are the final results of the Elite Draft Season 4 Rocket League & SFV…

Hashtag United

Rocket League: Eekso & Noahrl

Eekso finished 21st in Challenger Series with 1050 G points. His best achievement is reaching Rank X in RL6mans. Finishing top 8 in RLRS. Noahrl finished 74th in the Challenger Series with 1062 G points, and describes himself as adaptable, positive and motivating.

SFV: Naught & Gamachan

Naught is a Scottish, 21 year old player who finished 6th in Challenger Series with 3152 G points and mains Urien. Gamachan a.k.a Joe Heasman, is English, 23 years old, finished 23rd in Challenger Series with 1758 G points, and his main is Balrog.

Team Envy

Rocket League: Meaty & Tooby

Meaty is a 20 year old Swede who finished 143rd in Challenger Series with 450 G points. He started playing some Swedish weekly tournaments to get into competitive RL and made his way into the Draft. Tooby is a S3 released player making a comeback. His biggest achievement is getting the ESL monthly Elite. 

SFV: Will2Pac & Gino DeCampo

Two elite series vets; French player Will2Pac describes himself as team spirited and optimistic. Main is Laura and 2nd main is Rashid. Gino DeCampo's main strength is offence and his character is Ibuki. Both are season 3 released players who found a new home.


Rocket League: Chupo & Z9

Chupo finished 36th in Challenger Series with 1965 G points, he describes himself as hard-working, adaptive and positive. Z9 finished 39th in Challenger Series with 1870 G points and is a natural leader that has captained every team he has been in. He has over 8000 hours on PC RL.

SFV: Real Menace & Bongchan

Real Menace's biggest achievement is getting 5th at Hypespotting in season 1 of SFV. He is hungry for the first major event win and has trained with EVO 2018 champion ProblemX. Main is Cammy. Bongchan finished 47th in Challenger Series with 922 G points and was previously part of ExceL. His best achievement being drafted and getting out of pools at CPT events a couple of times this year and out of pools at EVO. Main is Birdie.


Rocket League: Andom & Gnagflow

Andom is from Finland and finished 37th in Challenger Series with 1950 G points. Biggest achievement is making RLRS with Ronaky and Tadpole. Gnagflow is a S3 released player who was part of the Team Vitality formation that won the Elite Series S3. He was a sub for Freakii, Fairypeak and Paschy90.

SFV: Kilzyou & Suleymon

French player Kilzyou finished 11th in the Challenger Series with 2483 G points and is a Karin player. He was a former Pro Evolution Soccer player but was too young to compete so he switched games. Suleymoon's character is Zeku. His greatest achievement was a top 8 finish at Celtic Throwdown last year.


Rocket League: Maadzz & Phocas

Maadzz hails from Norway and his biggest strength is in game mechanics. He knows how to rotate but can be too offensive. Phocas is also a fellow Norwegian and his best international result is ESL monthly elite title. Has also won some norwegian lans (The Gathering).

SFV: Ginger Viking & The Colonel

Ginger Viking is a Danish player who also finished 32nd in the Challenger Series with 1373 G points. His main is Urien, but he is learning a second character. The Colonel is a former Fnatic player who has over 15 years of fundamentals in street fighter dating back to third strike. He is also making his return to the Elite Series after being released in S3.

ExceL esports

Rocket League; Breezi & Ollie Crook

Breezi finished 28th in the Challenger Series with 2080 G points. His biggest achievement is finishing top 8 in RLRS play ins. Ollie Crook describes himself as a happy go lucky guy with a passion to learn and is happy to ask peers for guidance. 

SFV; One Step Layered & Irissa 

One Step finished 10th in the Challenger Series with 2551 G points, his main is Karin and his play style is agressive. Irissa is the only female player in the Elite Series, and a very good one as well! She was previously with team Ares and her main character is Cammy.

Team Vitality

Rocket League; Jnr & Ghostfire

Jnr's real name is Matt. He started playing RL back when it was free on PS4 - friends convinced him to download it. Ghostfire is a German players who describes himself as reliable and consistent. His biggest strenght is his defensive style of play.

SFV; Verdoyance & Konvy

French player Verdoyance's main character is Blanka. He finished 3rd in the Challenger Series with 4479 G points and his biggest achievement is that he won the Red Bull kumite last chance qualifier last year. Konvy finished 25th in Challenger Series with 1623 G points and is also a Karin main.

Epsilon Esports

Rocket League: Rams & Ext

Rams was always into sports games, his friends would always play League of Legends. When RL came out it was a great middle ground for everyone to enjoy. He was in the RL competitive scene for 8-10 months working as an analyst and is now drafted into the ES. Ext got into Rocket League from day 1 after being a big Super Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars fan. The player he admires most is his friend Tadpole. He’s always strived to become a pro player, to reach his goals and battled through tough times to get where he is today. 

SFV: Mossmossmoss & KymPrecision

Mossmossmoss is half English and half Thai. His main character is Menat and he first got into SF on SF2 for the Sega Megadrive. KymPrecision finished 14th in Challenger Series with 2186 G points and his main is Birdie. His greatest achievement is placing 25th at EGX 2018. 

UNILAD Esports

Rocket League: Switch2475 & EssJay

Switch2475 participated in tournaments in the past more casually but only started taking competitive seriously towards the end of 2017. EssJay is a S3 released player making his return to the elite. He describes himself as a team leader and very positive in game, he likes to lift people’s  spirits.

SFV: MrNashor & Poizesto

MrNashor finished 31st in Challenger Series with 1423 G points and making top 8s-32s and making it into the ES draft is his greatest achievement. His main is R.Mika. Poizesto finished 26th in Challenger Series with 1520 points 

ASUS Rog Army

Rocket League: Flux & Banana Man

Flux's greatest achievement is getting top 1 in standard leaderboard and being drafted for the ES twice. Banana Man's biggest achievement is winning ESL monthly finals and getting drafted last season by Epsilon. He has multiple top finishes in RLCS/RLRS but no 1st places.

SFV: Confz & Flawlessdeku

Confz is S2 SFV Champion with Envy. He now finds a new home and a new beginning with ASUS Rog. Flawlessdeku is another S3 released player and finished 15th in Challenger Series with 2148 G points. His main is Necali. 


With all the new players selected, the teams now await for the Gfinity Elite Series Season 4. To get you in the right mood, check out the best moments & the champions of the Elite Series Season 3 below. Who will take it this time?

Stay tuned for more interviews and facts about the new players and teams coming soon!







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