Gfinity Challenger Series Delivered by Domino's Week 2 Recap

The temperatures might have dipped outside, but the action is still as white-hot as ever in the Gfinity Challenger Series Delivered By Domino's. We're two weeks into Season 4 and the competition are stepping up – more contenders have started their campaigns and laid down markers, and those with the early advantage in the first week are in a serious battle to maintain their top rankings.

With up to 1000 points available for Cup victories, things can change quickly and players can climb the standings fast. So with all of this in mind, it's time to run down the Challenger Series Delivered By Domino's standings at the end of Week 2 and take a look at who's putting their hand up for selection in the upcoming Elite Series Pro Draft.


On the Xbox One leaderboard, night_watch continues to lead the way on 1880 points. Consistency and competing in as many Cups as possible is what keeps him out front – a runner-up finish on Thursday and a top-16 on Monday contributes to a solid point haul. The reigning eCopa Bulgaria champion has absolutely hit the ground running in Challenger Series Delivered By Domino's Season 4, and if he can keep this form up throughout the series it's going to be very difficult to seperate him from first place. Beast Tekkerz continues to motor along in 2nd place on 1400 points, with a 2nd place on Tuesday and a top-4 finish on Wednesday keeping him in the hunt. Meanwhile, the big story of Week 2 is the arrival of Alexx19 into the top-5 in 3rd on 1290 points. A competitive Pro Clubs player with Wonderkids, he was the person who defeated night_watch on Thursday night to win the Cup. And alongside a Top-8 on Monday, that seals his ascent into the top-3. Consider his season well and truly underway now. Elast1Cooo gets bumped down to 4th on 1130 points and rounding out the top-5 is iiTZz MaXi on 1050 points. There's change in the bottom half of the top-10 too; behind Gabinho on 1010 points, Krompe took a big win on Monday to move up to 7th on 830 points. BradleyHodgson (760 points), DNG PadrePio 96 (also 760) and JackSharp11 (740) complete the top-10, with big names like Klutch_Ti and Shawreyy slipping down to 14th and 25th respectively – expect both to come charging back.

Over on the PS4 leaderboard, an interesting new name has leapt up and taken top spot – Danny Taylor. A competitive FIFA player for nigh-on ten years, he arrives in Challenger Series Delivered By Domino's as a free agent having been a high-profile signing for West Ham United's esports team earlier this year. Having competed at the FUT Champions Cup in Manchester, he brings a huge amount of experience at the top level – and it's showing with two wins from three Cups this past week alone. He soars to the top of the table on 1650 points, just ten ahead from Week 1 leader Denisss on 1640 who finished runner-up to Danny Taylor on Thursday. NVD_Hyper is 3rd on 1010 points, ahead of KalanC and 0775_Arber on 980 and 830 points respectively. For the rest of the top 10 we have Gotzery (720 points), Masi 2k4 (620), Maspol (620), Renzo Parave (590) and EZ SNACK BRASSCO (580). Meanwhile last week we pointed out LostInTheWavez – the comeback hasn't started yet, but he has moved up two places to 21st on 490 points, so not that far off the top. If Danny Taylor can storm to the top inside one week, anything is possible.

Rocket League

The more things change, the more things stay the same atop the Rocket League standings. Kuxir97 and Yukeo of FlipSid3 remain out in front, with another Cup win on Wednesday extending their joint-lead out to 2040 points – interestingly, their teammate Miztik1 has now joined the party by climbing into 7th place. Behind the top two, a familiar face has joined the party – Elite Series Season 3 champion Fairyy Peak, climbing from 27th to 3rd inside a week with a win on Thursday in his only Cup all week. There's no better proof of just how much one win can transform a season than that – 24 places gained in seven days for the Renault Team Vitality star. A similar theme runs through the rest of the top-10, with only Speed and Zensuz surviving from Week 1 in 4th and 5th on 1070 and 1060 points respectively. Elite Series veterans Cheerio and Flarke have also powered into the top-10 in 6th (1060 points) and 9th (1000 points), the latter tied with KayDop. The aforementioned Miztik1 and Chausette45 sit 7th and 8th to complete the top spots. And as a demonstration of just how quickly things can change, last week's 3rd and 4th ranked players – Metsanauris and Shakahron – now find themselves 12th and 15th respectively.


Finally lets move over to Street Fighter V, and the Elite Series veteran has overhauled the Capcom Pro Tour veteran; NastyNas takes the lead on 2025 points ahead of Manxas on 1610. An Elite Series Delivered By Domino's mainstay with both Method and Ares, Nas has enjoyed a prolific week – a win on Tuesday, a runner-up on Wednesday and a top-12 on Thursday. In contrast it's been a quieter week for Manxas, but solid consistency keeps him ahead of another Elite Series veteran in Verdoyance – the latter sits 3rd on 1450 points. Just behind, a fantastic week for another experienced competitor puts them 4th on 1386 points – it's good to see Gun Slinga back at the sharp end in Gfinity competition. In our Challenger Series Delivered By Domino's Season Preview, WireMan picked out Gun Slinga as one to watch based on his switch of characters from Balrog to Zeku. And so far the former Method player – and teammate of Nasty Nas – is reaping the rewards with back-to-back wins on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Neo_Kilzyou sits 5th on 1098 points, with Naught (1010 points), TheCombatButler (840), Incognitus (758), OneStepLayered (738) and KymPrecision (724) rounding out the top-10.

Two weeks in, and the competition at the sharp end is only getting fiercer by the week. And there's still more than enough time for you to get involved; go to and sign up to compete. Just one Cup win could skyrocket you to the top of the table, so don't delay – an Elite Series Delivered By Domino's contract could be on the table.


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