Gamers2 allegedly in talks to purchase Team Nevo

A team well known in the European Challenger scene is none other than Gamers2. The team is lead, operated, & headed up by former SK Gaming mid laner, Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago.

In early 2014, shortly after leaving his position as starting mid laner at SK, Rordriguez Santiago announced that he’d be forming his own team, under his management, via a new brand, known as Gamers2.  

The team, when formed, consisted of Rordiguez Santiago himself in the mid lane, as well as Jesper “Jwaow” Standgren in the top lane, Sebastian “Morden” Fernandez in the jungle, Soler “Yuuki60” Florent at AD carry, & last but not least, Hugo “Dioud” Padioleau at support. The team was pumped up via a teaser and were destined for greatness in the European Challenger Series.

Since then, results for the team have been mixed, but towards the beginning of their team career, the team overtook The Fox Sound in Kaos TV’s Challenger Series #19 and SK Gaming Prime in the FACEIT Challenger Invitational; however, in official Riot sanctioned tournaments, they were not finding as much success as expected. They failed to qualify for Challenger Series playoffs in the Spring, losing to Ninja in Pyjamas.

In the Summer though, it seemed as if Gamers2 might just have had a chance. Dioud left the team half way through the Riot EU Challenger Series, but in his place came Fernando "Rydle" Soria, of who’s now known to be the support for GIANTS! Gaming. The team placed 3rd in both EU Challenger Series Summer, but at the play-offs, they failed to qualify for the Promotion Tournament due to a 2-1 loss to the Unicorns of Love.  

Roster changes for the team came, of which Tri Tin "k0u" Lam joined in the jungle and Raymond “kaSing” Tsang in the support role. The team qualified for the 2015 Expansion tournament, unfortunately losing to n!faculty in the last of the online rounds. After, it was rumored that Ocelote had decided to step down. Effectively replacing him was Luka “PerkZ” Perkovic. It was also reported that Mauno “beansu” Talli and Dennis “Obvious” Sorensen would be joining in jungle & top lane respectively, replacing k0u and Jwaow. 

The team was set, and what seemed to be smooth sailing didn’t turn out as well as expected. The team made it past the first round, defeating Refuse in a clear 2-0. The second round, though, wasn’t as easy for the team, of which they lost to Team Nevo, in a 2-1 defeat. Sources close to Gfinity tell us that this was not the end for the Gamers2 organization.

The team disbanded; however, their site has a claim stating “A New Beginning”. After further investigation, sources close to the organization report that Gamers2 is allegedly in talks with Team Nevo in purchasing their team & their gaming house. The team was set to move into the house this weekend, but multiple sources close to both orgs have told us that the house will be moved into Rodriguez Santiagos’ name. 

The roster for Nevo is as follows: 

  • Top Lane - Lennart "SmittyJ" Warkus
  • Jungle - Berk "Gilius" Demir
  • Mid Lane - Jérémy "Eika" Valdenaire
  • AD Carry - Mohammad "Jebus" Tokhi
  • Support - Aleksi "Hiiva" Kaikkonen

When approached, Nevo’s players and management have refused to comment on the story. Gfinity will keep you up to date with more information on the situation as it arises. 

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