Fortnite: Where To Find Car Parts Chapter 2 Season 5

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So you want to find car parts in Fortnite?

We’re guessing it’s because Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has just dropped this week’s challenges!


If you want to crack on with the quests for Week 2, we’re here with guides to help you solve every problem you could have.

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Where To Find Car Parts

The first step on this multi-part quest takes us over Dirty Docks.


You can find the car part here, just listen out for the audio cue and you shouldn’t have much trouble.

It can be found on the eastern side of the POI, as seen in the image below:

Smash open the crates to find it inside!


Next, you’ll find two car parts in the scrapyard just west of Dirty Docks.

The first can be found here, just lying in the open.

It’s in the north-west corner.


The second can then be found here, in the southeastern corner.

Once you have it you should beat the challenge!

And with all three found you can move onto the next one, driving a vehicle from Steamy Stacks to Pleasant Park! Check out our guide here if you need more assistance!