Fortnite: Patch v9.30 Details, Chug Splash Consumable, New Vaulted Weapons, Prop Hunt And More

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Today, the latest Fortnitepatch v9.30 dropped with yet another new item. Last week's v9.21 patch saw the addition of the Proximity Grenade Launcher as well as a number of changes to loot drops.

Let's take a look at the latest changes that have come to Fortnite as we explore a new consumable, new vaulted weapons and more.


Chug Splash Consumable

It has been quite some time since a consumable item was added into Fortnite, but now we have the introduction of a brand new one, 'Chug Splash'. This is essentially a better way for all of your squad mates to have shield when they need it.

According to the patch notes:

“On impact, this thrown item splashes liquid in a small area. All players within the splash radius will be instantly granted 20 Health/Shield.”

This is a good adition to competitive and casual play, as you now have a long-range healing item that can be beneficial to your teammates when you are not close to them.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

V9.30 Patch Details

Pivotal Bug Fixes


Some of Fortnite’s most game breaking bugs were addressed in V9.30. Instead of adding another bug, which has been the case in the past, they’ve balanced the game further.

Some of the bug fixes are below, but a full list can be found here:

  • Shotgun swap delay removed
  • Shotgun cooldowns now only apply when the player is carrying multiple shotguns, regardless of shotgun type.
  • Players can no longer shoot immediately after popping a rift-to-go
  • Skydiving from the bus toward a slipstream was not auto-deploying gliders at the correct height.

Although these are only some of the major bug fixes Epic decided to fix this patch, the one that sticks out to many is the removal of the shotgun delay. Since the combat shotgun was added in favor of the pump, many have been urging Epic to remove the delay, the delay was originally meant to counteract the double pump meta that Fortnite experienced last year.

Vaulted Weapons

Three weapons are joining the vault that is now growing so rapidly. Epic Games has decided to remove:

  • The Bow
  • Double Pistols
  • Dynamite

Epic stated this as their reasoning:

“These Vaults are primarily targeted at adjusting the availability of explosives, putting them more in line with where we think they should be”

The removal of these three weapons/consumables from the game balance out the loot pool further, there will be more opportunities for players to acquire a shotgun or shield.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Prop Hunt In Creative

Last week it was teased to us, via Dr Lupo, that Fortnite was getting its own version of the famous mini-game. Now, they have added the Prop-O-Matic weapon into creative mode, it is unknown for now if Prop Hunt has plans of this being a limited time mode in the battle royal sectionp; for now, it is solely in creative.


Epic noted this about the Prop-O-Matic:

“Transform into a prop to hide from your opponents! You can aim at nearby props and trigger the Prop-o-Matic to possess the appearance of the desired object.”.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out and all the viral clips that are sure to come from this hilarious game mode.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games


What do you think of patch V9.30? It is one that has surely won over the community and looks like a step in the right direction. Tweet us your thoughts!

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91