Fortnite: How To Drive From Steamy Stacks To Pleasant Park

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So you want to drive from Steamy Stacks to Pleasant Park?

We’re guessing it’s because Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has just dropped this week’s challenges!


If you want to crack on with the quests for Week 2, we’re here with guides to help you solve every problem you could have.

Be sure to check out our others for any of your other needs!

How To Drive From Steamy Stacks To Pleasant Park

The route you’ll want to take is drawn on the map below.


It will have you grab a vehicle from Steamy Stacks on the right, then follow a road along to Pleasant Park.

These locations are marked with the large Red Circles.

Along the way you may need to refuel, so be sure to use the Gas Stations at the Yellow Dots on the map if you need.

One is just off the track but you may have to visit it if you are running very low on fuel.


Though when we tested it, we comfortably reached the Gas Pump on the main route every time.

Once you've arrived here, you'll want to complete the next quest step and jump through a flaming ring!

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Where To Find Vehicles In Steamy Stacks

This should actually be fairly easy, but you can check out our guide here for more!


Steamy Stacks is based on a Power Plant, and it looks like the workers who operate there must commute in.

As you arrive at Steamy Stacks you should be able to see a parking lot which often spawns a car or two!

Good luck out there with your other challenges!