Fortnite Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Skins Deals, VBucks Discounts and Cosmetics Offers

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Black Friday, November 27, and Cyber Monday, November 30, are fast approaching and bargain hunters across the globe are gearing up to find the latest and greatest deals.

And it looks as if Fortnite players will also be treated to some discounts and offers to sink their pickaxes into.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as best as we can on all the offers as we find out what they are.

Though for now, check out the leaks we have so far for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! As well as a little bit of our speculation…

Fortnite Black Friday Deals

Based on leaks from @CyberDomFNBR we have a glimpse at Fortnite’s code related to the Black Friday deals we can expect November 27.


The seven lines of code will likely be related to tags on the Item Shop.


We can immediately guess four of the lines, “Black Friday Sale!”.

In the V-Bucks section, you can see four offerings, so expect these to all receive a slight price drop.

‘Black Friday!’ is pretty generic, so we’d guess this will be a Banner on the Item Shop or a pop up that will appear on the main page when you first log in!

The ‘Offer’ and ‘Price’ tags may be attached to items in the Item Shop, perhaps a pack or various cosmetics!

We’ll let you know when we have more concrete details!

Fortnite Cyber Monday Deals

Once again, Based on leaks from @CyberDomFNBR we have a glimpse at Fortnite’s code related to the Cyber Monday deals we might see.

Once again we can expect much of the same.


The “Cyber Monday Sale” tags will each be attached to V-Bucks most likely.

And we expect there to be Skins and cosmetics discounts too!

We’ll be sure to keep you update when we have an idea exactly what the discounts are!