Fall Guys Season 2: Wall Guys Level Guide - Tips, Tricks, and More!

The second season of Fall Guys has just released on PC and PS4!

The new medieval-themed season has been a hit so far with players, as the battle pass skins are amazing!

Along with the new battle pass skins also comes new levels.

Here's how to scale Wall Guys as fast as possible!


What Is Wall Guys

One of the new levels for Season 2 is called 'Wall Guys'.

The whole idea behind this level is you and other players will need to maneuver and scale boxes so you are able to jump past each wall.

There are multiple sections to this level with each section getting higher and higher.

Although you may have to corporate with other players in order to get passed certain sections, this is NOT a team game mode so be aware of players. 

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A lot of this game mode is going to come down to sheer luck and timing it appears.

Sometimes the blocks will be perfectly lined up so you do not even have to move them, and other times they will require some movement.

If you are able to get a good start and get ahead of most of the lobby, this will set you up for success.

As you will be able to move blocks around without feeling the pressure of other players getting ahead of you as they wait for you to move the blocks. 

However, if you do get caught at the back of the bus just be patient and wait for your opponents to make a mistake.

While jumping onto the boxes or ledges be ready to press the grab button, but make sure it is clear!

This level is without a doubt going to cause some frustration, but you will get the hang of it eventually.  

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