Fall Guys Season 2: Knight Fever Level Guide - Tips, Tricks and More

The new season of Fall Guys is finally here and players all over the world are jumping into the medieval-themed season. 

The new season has implemented three new levels, with one of them being noted as "our hardest level yet".

Knight Fever is an interesting level for sure, but we have some clever tips and tricks so you can complete it in a flash!


What Is It

Knight Fever is an accumulation of everything you love or hate about Fall Guys.

The map has an abundance of obstacles and objects you must avoid to get to the finish line and it is quite the map. 

The map features all of the following: 

  • Huge Log Swings
  • Swinging Scythes
  • Rotating Spile Logs
  • Drawbridges

The developers have acknowledged that it is the hardest level they have ever made with Game Designer Joe Walsh and Junior Level Designer Joseph 'JJ' Juson noting the following in an interview with IGN: 

"We knew that this was going to be dropping after people had got to grips with these kinds of levels, and had got quite good at them, and so we thought, “Let's make one for these players who've conquered everything else so far and do a really hard version of that.”

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Since this map has it all when it comes to obstacles, you are going to need to bring your a game whenever this map pops up.

One of the best tips we can give you is to take your time!

As long as you make it past the first few obstacles the rest of the map should be a breeze.

Another tip we can give you is to try and predict the timing of the swinging axes. This will be a key way to get past both of these sections as if you just gun it and try and make it past you may not succeed every time!

Overall, this map is one of the best they have added and we cannot wait and see what other crazy creations they have in store for the future. 

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