F1 2019: Full Game Look Including Menus, Customisation, Multiplayer Additions, Leagues And More

With F1 2019 around the corner and the F1 Esports Pro Draft rearing it’s head for next month, we were treated to an extensive look at the brand new game that will coincide with Formula 1's already exciting season. F1 2019 Pre-orders are available now.

During an F1 2019 livestream headed up by Codemasters, we were given an in-depth look into the new game from Game Director Lee Maven. During this broadcast, they took us through the new structure of the front end, customisation and the new elements added to the game for this year.

The game has been in development for almost two years, which is much longer than previous instalments, meaning the game can be released earlier than usual. The game releases on Friday 28th June 2019 and three days earlier with the Legends Edition.

Main Menus

The main menu has been overhauled with clear segmentation and tabs for each section of the game.

There were three sections in particular that were highlighted on the home menu: news, mail and calendar.

The news section keeps players updated with recent in game events and can be used to update F1 fans with the most recent real world racing news.

The mail section is new to the game and it allows players to contact each other, which is particularly handy for those competing in leagues. It’s also a chance for players to receive rewards in the form of customisation gifts; this should provide incentive to clear up races and maintain player behaviour.

The calendar is an easy way to keep up with all game related events, from the leagues you’re competing in to ongoing F1 esports events.


The multiplayer has changed majorly this year with the inclusion of “weekly events”. There are three types of weekly events: Scenario, Grand Prix, Classic Grand Prix.

Scenario revolves around being put into a specific situation and tasked with completing the required objective that has been set.

The grand prix section acts the same way as a real-life grand prix would. You’ll go through the week with a traditional practice phase, qualifier and race. During these phases you can earn competition points, which act as the in-game currency, and can be redeemed for customisation purposes. Within the race section, you can pick a time to race that works for you and you'll be matched against drivers of a similar ability. There are also badges and trophies up for grabs and can be displayed in your brand new trophy cabinet; this can also be shown off to other drivers.

Leagues allow players to join and create their own leagues, the entire thing can be managed within the game. Other players can also be made admins to help you manage your league.


An entire tab has been dedicated to the esports section of F1 2019, here you can get the latest updates on the F1 Esports Series.

An exciting aspect to the esports section of the game is that when future qualifiers are done on the F1 2019 game, there will be unique prizes to unlock in the form of customised skins.


The showroom is a glamorous section where players can see all of the cars in the game, including some information about the car, team and driver.

F1 2019 includes cars from the F1 2019 season, classic cars from years past and F2 2018 cars.


In this year's game there is great depth involved in the customisation, you can truly represent yourself the way you want to.

Badges can be unlocked by purchasing them with competition points, there are two sets of badges: standard and premium. Standard bages come equipped within the game by default. Premium badges are most likely more expensive and are awarded for completing tasks, rewarded from competitions and given for good behaviour.

Your driver can be customised to look how you want...

and wear what you want...

The 'multiplayer car' is a new addition to the game, which is built to standard F1 2019 specs, that players can customise how they wish to race in-game. They can select from a range of skins and then customise the colours how they wish. There will also be skins awarded for competing in races.

We can expect more details to come from Codemasters in the next few weeks.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91

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