Eloise Joins Tempo Storm

Haiyun "Eloise" Tang is one of the more prominent Chinese players in the professional Hearthstone stream, and now she's moving over to a Western organisation in Tempo Storm.

The news post available on Tempo Storm's website details the change, as quoted below.

"When the team first set foot in China last year, we were absolutely blown away by the passion that the Chinese fans and players had for Hearthstone. Somewhere down the line, the organization knew that they wanted to do something more in the region. Today,Tempo Storm is delighted to announce that we have a new member,  Haiyun “Eloise” Tang will be joining the Hearthstone roster.

 Formerly competing under the alias “ailv 哀绿”, Eloise has a decorated background in competitive Hearthstone."

Eloise had the following to say on the move.

“Chinese hearthstone is isolated from the West, but I am one of the people who are always interested in the outside world. I love to watch Western tournaments and I'm a fan of a lot of players. It is unbelievable that I've got a chance to be one of them. I'll work hard to show that I can do like what I did in the past. People always say that I am the best female player in China, but for me it feels like they say it to comfort me when I lose. What I want is not to be the best female player, but to be the best player. I'm surprised and excited to join Tempo Storm!”

Tempo Storm's Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft professional roster has now been fleshed out to 5 players, including popular personality reynad.

Tempo Storm Hearthstone

Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk

Petar “Gaara” Stevanovic

George “hyped” Maganzini

Johnnie “Ratsmah” Lee

Haiyun “Eloise” Tang

Image courtesy of Tempo Storm


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